Mirror…Mirror! #KheerWrites

Ahh! Seems like I gained weight! …Thoughts running in her mind while she looked at her reflection in the mirror…

Though Kala doesn’t care much about her appearance, the thought of people judging irks her some times…

Shubham woke up and saw her….his eyes glued on her…Nothing but Her!

He stared at her reflection with a smile… “Her beauty seems to grow with her..!” he thought…


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26 thoughts on “Mirror…Mirror! #KheerWrites

  1. Indeed, appearances are in our heads. The ones who really know us carry only love for us in their hearts. This thought came out in such a subtle way in your story that it’s nothing less than the image you used to bring it all together. It does not matter what Kala saw in the mirror, what Shubham saw was a beautiful woman carved in an image of a mesmerising stone sculpture.
    The picture really does the magic!

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    1. That is my click Aks. There is no prompt as such, write anything mostly many try to keep it personal. I used one of my clicks i captured at konark temple for this write up, felt like it would fit well with the scenario i worked on. I am glad you liked it Aks and ur appreciation means a lot to me. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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