The Road Not Taken #1

It was another mediocre day of my life; a day when everything appeared so monotonous and mundane. I never, even in my wildest dreams presumed that a casual meet with a dear friend (Ashok) would steer me towards an exhilarating adventure that filled my heart with joy!

Would you believe, if I told that a meet, a talk, a flash of an idea, made up my mind, voted on an action plan, and convince my parents was pretty much what happened 4 days before I flew to Thailand along with my friend? Well, the part where I persuaded my parents was not as gentle as I made it sound, but somehow I succeeded in doing so!

Party Time

Ashok was stuck in the crosshairs of my contention to assure my parents, but never ever complained. Instead, he took me as his responsibility. On seeing him trying to reassure them of my safety couple of days before we started off, I had this feeling inside me that, though from a different mother, he is indeed in all regards my brother!

IMG_9677 (16)_1
That’s Ashok and I, at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (Hyderabad). Just a few moments before boarding!

Do you remember the excitement on Charlie’s face (from the movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘) after finding a Golden Ticket in his Wonka bar? My enthusiasm was no less than that on the day of my flight to Thailand! The overwhelming feeling was such that it limited our ability to pack bags for God’s sake! We were almost like the kids going to school for the first time and felt so short-handed with a tinge of nervousness, excitement, and uncertainty that, our friend Harini had to come to our rescue to help pack our bags!

That butterfly feeling didn’t leave us until we boarded the flight and went on our first and much awaited Buddy Trip!

Do you want to hear more about this trip? Then, just watch out for the next part!

Until then, the writer is signing off with the same excitement!

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18 thoughts on “The Road Not Taken #1

  1. I can so relate with the excitement and the convincing of parents! Been there, done that! I’m sure the trip must have left you craving for more! Can’t wait to see the beautiful pictures of the beach.

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  2. Life is a discovery. It is an adventure. It depends on how we want to take it. It is just that we don’t know how to embrace the beauty and bounty of life. Buddies and friends are so much an integral part of our life and living. We need to take a plunge. We need try out new things. We need to travel. We need to speak out. We need to convince. We need to pursue. And suddenly we see, there is a different world in front of us. This is exactly what I can see has happened to you. The joy, the excitement is palpable. Going to new country adds to that zing of life.
    Quite aptly you have captured the scene from Charlie and Chocolate Factory…and a lovely picture of both of you.

    #MyFriendAlexa, #MakeupReads

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