Colourful Memories #FMS_popofcolour #WW9

I am taking part in the November Photo-a-Day Challenge. #Day21

I present you my colourful photo wall!

Scary White #FMS_white

didn't want to post usual stuff which is very much predictable for the prompt "white" and then...I remembered that I just have the perfect photo to post for this prompt... Follow the link to know more!

View From 84th Floor | WPC3 | WW8

Never ever in my life I thought that I would witness a city from such height until this happened!

Vivid Glow! | WPC1 | WW7

I feel Dawn and Dusk are the most beautiful times of a day, that nature can offer us! I know there are many serene and beautiful places on our planet which are a treat to eyes...!

Coffee and Love <3 #WordlessWednesday

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions... - Hugh Jackman

My Love for Wolverine <3 #WordlessWednesday

I was so smitten by "Comic-Con" that from then I never missed a comic-con event whether I was in Bangalore or Hyderabad!