Sheer Khurma – Recipe

Traditionally, during the festival of Eid, 'Sheer Khurma' is made in every Muslim household. This delicacy made with fine vermicelli cooked in saffron milk with dry fruits and dates is equally popular in Hyderabad along with Dum Biryani and Haleem. In Urdu, 'Sheer' translates to MILK and ‘Khurma’ means DATES. Click on the post to read more...

Diya Aur Baati #FMS_onthefloor

I am taking part in the January Photo a Day Challenge, 2018. Prompt for #Day3 is 'On The Floor' Playing along in January Photo a Day challenge, 2018 is really simple! * Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration. * You can post in on your blog or else share … Continue reading Diya Aur Baati #FMS_onthefloor