Colourful Memories #FMS_popofcolour #WW9

I am taking part in the November Photo-a-Day Challenge. #Day21

I present you my colourful photo wall! This is something I made with lots of love and put in a lot of effort in making this photo wall 😍

Playing along in November Photo-a-Day challenge is really simple!

* Just look at the list each day and take a photo using the prompt as inspiration.

* You can post in on your blog or else share your photo on either Facebook or Instagram or both!

* Prompt for Day 21 is a POP OF COLOUR.


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8 thoughts on “Colourful Memories #FMS_popofcolour #WW9

  1. This is amazing, Keerthi! Super cool way of using photos for inspiration. It is such a shame that all our snapshots stay hidden in our laptops and albums to be taken out only occasionally. This works so much better! I love your IG feed too! Fantastic seeing you at the #fms_Challenge.

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    1. Yeah i had the same feeling seeing those albums hidden inside somewhere. We hardly look at them so thought of making a photo wall where i can see them when ever i want and reminisce those memories.
      I even arranged fairy lights around it but the plug point is not working as of now so though it is still beautiful for me it looks amiss. Will soon post an image with those fairy lights lowing around my photo wall 🙂
      Thanks a lot for stopping by Esha!


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