Cookie-Mommy date


Last Sunday the day started as usual. I attended a family function filled with rituals along with lots of chatter and laughter, but that evening turned out to be more blissful.

Anika (my daughter, my Cookie) and I went out on a mother-daughter date. All we did was having fun (shop, eat and play). Around 5 in the evening, my husband dropped us at forum mall and left to his friend’s place. This marked the beginning of our fabulous eve-out. As soon as we entered the mall, she ran into one of those remote controlled cars where the operator would operate while the child enjoys the ride.

Now it was mommy’s turn and I went to MAX outlet to shop for her. I always felt it difficult to handle her even after being accompanied by someone but this time I was at absolute ease to shop with and handle her…

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Iron Rich Fried Rice

I am back with another nutritious and tasty recipe. It is specially made for the Livogen Iron Chef Contest. I am submitting this recipe via Indiblogger. You too can submit your favorite Iron rich recipe here. Anemia is a serious problem among women and children in India. The statistics are quite shocking indeed! According to the Global Nutrition Report-2016, India stands way too low on the list of nations dealing iron deficiency (anemia)? It is 170th among 180 countries ranked for anemia among women, 114th among 132 for chronic malnutrition in children under five and 120th among 130 for acute malnutrition in children under five!

Colourful Memories #FMS_popofcolour #WW9

I am taking part in the November Photo-a-Day Challenge. #Day21

I present you my colourful photo wall!

My Love; My World #FMS_undermyfeet

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