View From 84th Floor | WPC3 | WW8

Weekly Photo Challenge: Peek

Never ever in my life I thought that I would witness a city from such height until this happened!


Week 3.jpg

I clicked it from the revolving view point of Baiyoke Sky Tower in Bangkok. With 84 stories, the sky tower looked tall and magnificent. An observatory deck, usually called as sky walk is at 77th floor and the revolving view point at 84th floor! 


The lights glowing on the streets below were treat to watch from the sky deck. City looked extravagant from that height and it felt as if I was standing on top of Bangkok!

The feeling was heavenly with the cool breeze wafting through me and my eyes sparkling with amazing view of the city from top! It was like a once in a life time experience for me!

Isn’t the view beautiful? Let me know your thoughts!

Have you been to any sky deck before? If so, then I would love to know your experience… 


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15 thoughts on “View From 84th Floor | WPC3 | WW8

  1. Amazing views, Keerthi! I can imagine the excitement you must have felt looking down at the city lights and the lit up streets. I had a similar experience two weeks back looking down from the Marina Sands Bay hotel deck in Singapore which offers some gorgeous views of the city! My highest still remains the views from the 86th floor of the Empire State Building!

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