Disobedient Son #KheerWrites

“Radha Iyer, IAS” Radha was staring proudly at the name board on the table….It was her first day of being appointed as the district collector of kanchipuram…many memories surfaced in her subconscious and took her back in time….

“Radha, could you please come here and pack lunchboxes? It’s already getting late!” Sudhakar loudly called his daughter from the dining room…..

“Will be there in 5min appa…” answered Radha…

She was busy in completing her school work, which she couldn’t complete the previous day, as she was helping her elder brother with a science project…

“Come here at once Radha!” Yelled Sudhakar irritated by Radha’s response…

Radha obediently rushed towards dining room as she sensed seriousness in his voice…

As Radha entered the dining room, she saw her brother who was there before her and trying to sort things out…

That’s when Sudhakar interfered…

“Son, why are you worrying about this stuff! It’s not a guy thing. Leave it alone! Look Radha is here, she’ll take care of it…”

“But Appa!…I…”

“Why are you still wasting your time here? Go on! Pack you bag…. You have to study well and make me proud my son….!” Continued Sudhakar as Radha approached the dining table quite disappointed!

Rahul started packing the lunch and signaled Radha to carry on with her work… and when Sudhakar was about to say something (which he would have regretted later), Rahul was quick enough to interrupt…

“Appa, I do not agree that it is just something which only girls are obliged to do papa!…I will happily complete this work, if that gives Radha that extra time to complete her school work!” and further added that…

“Also I want my little sister to succeed in every aspect of her life!….To help her achieve it, if I have to break the chain of obedience that tied me up & be that disobedient son of you…..I would do it happily a thousand times more…without a second thought!”

Malini who was in kitchen rolling roti’s heard this conversation and sighed in relief! A smile lighted up her face….!

She felt proud of her upbringing against all the odds of an orthodox family environment….!

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51 thoughts on “Disobedient Son #KheerWrites

  1. Keerthi,

    I like reading when siblings are supportive of one another. Hopefully, in real life, young siblings grow up to be close adult siblings while making their parents proud. Too often children fall from their teachings succumbing to peer pressures which have a life-altering, horrific impact from what seems like a hopeless cycle of misery. I think this later part stems from some unhappy circumstances I’ve seen in my own children which is truly heartbreaking. Good writing. Thanks for visiting. Have an awesome week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me and my sibling are in very good terms, until now at least. We are good friends before being siblings i guess that helps at times! That actually inspired me to write about it. I guess in India children being raised in combined family helps us limit those possibilities at least a little.
      I feel sorry that my post brought back some heartbreaking memories…


  2. Lovely message to all the sons through this story, Keerthi! I think we definitely need more disobedient boys in our society to change the course of things.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. That was sure a wonderful end to this tale, Keerthi! We so need more such boys who grow up to be responsible, matured feminists who know how to respect women and encourage them in their dreams and aspirations.

    Liked by 1 person

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