The Longest Wait! #BatedBreath #KheerWrites

Present Day…

Kruti was waiting for her bus to arrive…

That wait for 3 hours until she boarded the bus and later 10 odd hours of travel seemed the longest in her life. She waited with bated breath and eyes wide open, unable to sleep for her destination, Hyderabad to arrive…

Couple of hours back…

Kruti was lost in her daily schedule…

All that rush in that hectic traffic of Bengaluru and endless work load at office was something she hated to the core every single day!

She was in her cubical glued to her laptop working on test scenarios…It was the last day to hand over the test scripts as the Testing phase was going to start the very next day…

“Amma Calling!” her phone was buzzing…

There were already 2 missed calls by then which went unnoticed by her as she kept her phone on mute…


She didn’t even move from her seat to even have lunch…

It was when her colleagues insisted to at least take a coffee break that she stopped her work and got out of her seat, grabbed her wallet and phone and walked along with her colleagues towards office cafeteria…

As she checked her phone and saw 2 missed calls from “Amma”, Kruti dialed back..

“Amma I was busy with work, did not notice your call…” she started talking on phone…

Then suddenly…

“What? When? How? …Why do you always hide such things from me Amma..?” tensed Kruti questioned her mom…Her voice filled with sadness and tears rolling down her cheeks…

“Jamuna it’s…I need to leave…right now! It’s about my dad…” her voice started shaking as she tried to explain the situation to her manager, she could hardly talk..!

“I have to leave now. Will keep you updated Jamuna” she somehow managed to talk that much and quickly packed her stuff and left from office!

For a person who is emotionally strong and always thought she was in control of her emotions…that day seemed like there is nothing she could do to stop those tears…

It was end of month and all her savings drained out! She couldn’t book a flight even if she wanted to…So, left with no other option, Kruti made a bus booking at the earliest possible time…which was at 6:30 in the evening.

Next day…

it was only when she sat by her Dad’s bed in the hospital holding his hand that kruti felt a sigh of relief…seeing him safe and sound. The operation was a success!

elder-abuseImage Source

It was not a major operation but for her it was critical. As it was her dad in question…!

She was furious and sad at the same time. Her love for him was quite evident in the way she was firing questions out of anger at her family for blind siding her.

“It’s ok nanna…I am fine now…Don’t you worry…” Kruti stared at her father as he spoke…Her eyes filled with anger yet displayed her love for him…she was sure that it was his idea to not let her know as he didn’t want her to worry..!

As they exchanged looks…Their love for each other was doing the talking through their eyes…! As if words were not required to express that emotion..!





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46 thoughts on “The Longest Wait! #BatedBreath #KheerWrites

      1. Hi, sorry the explanation is at the first post last Saturday. Your are invited to post a black & white photo of your life for seven days without any explanation and challenge another blogger each day


  1. A neat woven story, especially the words Naana & Amma made it so realistic. Nanaku prematho. One thing she was lucky to get a bus to hyderabad. There are so many people who ply from Bangalore to Hyderabad on a record high. One has to book well in advance for the Kacheguda express-looks like you kept the train option out 🙂

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  2. No matter how old or independent we become, our parents still try to protect us. Though I can understand Kruti’s anger too. My MIL recently lost a close family member and it was only later revealed to her that the person had been ailing for over a month. Though not knowing saved her a lot of stress, she regrets that had she known, she would have visited the person at least one last time and that opportunity was taken away from her.

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  3. Such a sweet tale… The scenario in the fist paragraph about the workload and traffic is a everyday thing here in Bengaluru… You have written the story with very touchy feeling… Loved reading it 🙂

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  4. Uff this reminds me of the time my family decided to hide something from me to not trouble me as they knew I would be vastly upset at not being back home for the event unfolding there. I dont know why we do this – it leads to a sense of betrayal and also guilt at being complacent and not checking on things!!

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