Breaking the Pattern!

A spacious room which has nothing but a small bed, table, chair, laptop, couple of books and a small alarm clock on the table, small stool, idol of Lord Nataraja on the stool and Ghungroos lying in front of the idol.

It is Priya’s room; being a minimalist she is a strong believer of holding on to those things that are absolutely necessary. Unnecessary stuff never piles up in her room.

“Priya…are you done yet? Rajan Ji is here already!” Mrs. Radhika’s voice echoed in priya’s room.

Rajan Kulkarni is a classical dance guru (Teacher), from whom Priya is learning “Kuchipudi” dance form since 5 years now. Her love for dancing was never hidden from her mother! Even as a child priya used to enjoy watching classical dance shows…it was like her calling!

Radhika came back to check on Priya and stood at the door silently watching her daughter, who was packing in a hurry. Tears of joy rolled down Radhika’s cheek as she saw her daughter happy and healthy!

Priya noticed her mom and they both exchanged many unspoken words in a glance…!

6 years back in time….

It started when Priya was married off to a man double her age, when she was just 18 years old and against her wish by her father (who wouldn’t take NO for an answer). He believed that an opportunity like that to wed his daughter off without a demand for dowry wouldn’t knock his door again!

That man, whom he selected to be his son-in-law, proved to be a sadist and tortured Priya in every way possible. It was a year by then and pain has become a pattern in her life.

When she started to attended dance classes to ease out her pain and divert her attention from the toxic elements of her life, his actions got physical and his behavior steeped to a new low! That was when Priya somehow with help of her mother got a divorce from him. Soon after that, out of guilt of ruining Priya’s life, her father’s health deteriorated and he eventually succumbed to a heart stroke.

Priya was broken both mentally and physically and was steeping into depression. The horrors she faced during a yearlong relation affected her a lot. The pattern never seemed to fade in her case. Luckily, Radhika noticed the change in her and consulted a therapist. It took her a year to get back to normal (one can say close to normal) and Radhika left no stone unturned to help her daughter get out of that phase. It was during one such attempt she introduced Priya to dancing once again through Rajan Kulkarni.

After six long years of battling depressions and breaking the pattern of those horrific nightmares she used to have….Priya emerged as a phoenix rising from the ashes and was soon going to perform at Konark Dance festival, one of the renowned classical dance festival in India.

The day finally came!

As proud Radhika and Rajan sat in the front row…


Priya danced like no one is watching…expressing her heart out. She semmed like a river, flowing effortlessly by paving its own way through narrow curves and steep valleys!

Her performance was a treat to eyes and received applause with a standing ovation!

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44 thoughts on “Breaking the Pattern!

  1. These happens in many homes. Haste decisions and adamant thoughts. Glad she fought against all those and she’s lucky to have such a wonderful mom. Mother’s definitely understand us, way more than anyone else. And they stand by us rock when the whole world turns against us.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Good to see that she chose to break out of the marriage that gave her only pain and found herself again through her passion for dance. Kudos to her mother to supported her in the worst of the times and brought back her daughter to life.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh, this brought tears to my eyes. Lovely story Keerthi. I love such stories where women choose to turn their lives around, by reaching within themselves to find their own strength. Great start to the challenge. 👍

    Liked by 2 people

    1. He was equally broken like his daughter and succumbed to heart stroke which took his life….I wanted to show a different end to his daughter in the story….
      Thank you Zianab for dropping by 🙂 Glad you liked it!


    1. One should never be consumed with a broken past and move ahead gracefully. Though not a similar situation i battled depression for years and i thought of writing a post on depression…So through this post i gave it an attempt.
      And of the father in the story he was equally broken and succumbed to heart stroke….

      Thank you vinay for your kind words 🙂


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