Peaceful Morning #SiblingDiaries Part2 #KheerWrites

This post is a continuation of my travel series “Beauties of Mumbai & Ahmedabad”.

I hope you’ve read my previous post, if not please find the link at the end of the post.

After a tiresome journey of 14 hours we reached Mumbai on 24th of November at 5am. Reason we opted a train leaving in the noon hours from Hyderabad was to reach Mumbai at early hours, so that we could catch a glimpse of sunrise at Nariman Point. Initial plan was just to cover Nariman point and Chowpatty beach and come back to Mumbai central from where we had a train leaving for Ahmedabad at 2:20 Pm. But later on we decided to cover Haji-Ali-Dargah and Gateway of India as we had ample of time left.

Once we reached Chatrapati shivaji Railway station we rushed towards A/C waiting hall in order to freshen up and quickly be on our way. Much to our dismay the waiting hall was worse than what we imagined! There was no time to find a hotel room and freshen up so we moved along, booked a ride on Ola rental. Opted for 4 hour 40km plan and started off to Nariman Point.

Selfie Time 🙂

As we crossed Nariman point, we witnessed a mesmerising view of Chowpatty beach. We reached on time and could enjoy the beautiful view of sunrise. Though the beach was not maintained properly we barely noticed it as we couldn’t take our eyes of those beautiful golden shades of the sky. The sky was changing colors as time passed and the experience was truly magical…Here are some of the photos I managed to click…

IMG_8366 (Edited)-2Pristine view at chowpatty beach…!

IMG_9198-2Experimented with filters…Another view of the beach!

IMG_9216-2Old woman taking a morning walk at chowpatty beach…

On the whole we had a refreshing morning at Chowpatty Beach…watching the sunrise, feeling the cool breeze and observing the sailing boats. The feeling was peaceful and extraordinary. Mixed feelings I must say.

IMG_9171-2Anchored boat far away from the shore…

IMG_9185-2Fisherman trying to reach his anchored boat using a raft…

I enjoyed those wonderful moments and captured beautiful views around me which caught my eye. We did not realize how the time flew and ended up spending more than an hour at the beach. Here are few more pictures…

IMG_9173-2Another view from the beach…

IMG_9193-2One of the interesting objects I found on the beach…. A tiny Clay pot!

IMG_9199-2Blue sky filled with clouds and a bird on its way…

Our next stop was Haji ali dargah, which I will be covering in my next post…until then see ya!

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