Trivial adventure #SiblingDiaries Part1 #KheerWrites

It has been long by now that I am postponing on writing this post about my first adventure…My Friend Alexa campaign pushed me to finally do it…So here it goes…!

One month of persuasion and we siblings finally got a ‘yes’ from our parents for much awaited trip we wanted to have on our own. We love to explore and last year when the opportunity tapped our doorstep we grabbed it.

It was in the month of October (2016); Deepthi, my younger sister expressed her interest on taking part in a workshop being held at IIM Ahmedabad. “This is the perfect time to take that longing step and start fulfilling the wishes of traveller in me” I said to myself. We talked it out with our parents and started planning our trip. It was an 8 day trip and I must say we planned it carefully so that no place in our list should be amiss. Travel Itinerary was…

Hyderabad -> Mumbai -> Ahmedabad -> Mumbai -> Lonavla -> Khandala -> Mumbai -> Hyderabad

Initial plan was to travel to and fro by train as we were on shoe string budget but in the end we made use of then ongoing offer on yatra web portal on flights and the expense was same as train tickets hence we managed to book flight tickets for our return (Mumbai to Hyderabad).

Both of us were excited about this trip, we were overjoyed and tensed at the same time as that was the  first trip we ever took without our parents. Yes! I know it is hard to believe but our parents never allowed us on any school/college trips in our growing years. Being very protective about us they were scared to let us out of their sight. Not that they were completely fine this time but we managed to convince them and made a deal that no matter what we would call them every day to let them know we are doing good.

Deepthi’s main motto was to attend workshop at IIM Ahmedabad along with couple of her friends. I was more into exploring culture and uniqueness of the place and their idea was different hence there was a difference of opinion and I did not want Deepthi to face the impact of the cross fire; hence my initial plan was to explore on my own without depending on anyone.

The day finally came! We packed our bags got onto Hussainsagar Express and started our small adventure.

 A click of ours before boarding the train 🙂IMG_4078-2.jpg

Will be posting the stories of our travel in a continuum…

See ya until next post…!

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64 thoughts on “Trivial adventure #SiblingDiaries Part1 #KheerWrites

  1. It’s always amazing to plan a trip with siblings. Though I never visited any place with my brother, I regret that big time, I do know that trip with sibling makes memories for a lifetime. I’m glad you finally made up your mind of sharing your trip experiences. I’m sure the future posts will be amazing with lots of beautiful pictures. 🙂

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  2. Nice start of your travel series. Much efforts go into persuading our parents for a sibling trip. I had only started going on trips with my elder sister after she started working. All the sibling trip are cherished for lifetime. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow!!! I can completely relate to your feelings… I being a lover of travelling and exploring places can feel that excitement. And the best part is the fun of travelling with someone very close to you!!

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  4. 8 day trip across Maharashtra and Gujarat sounds fun … May be the change of culture and weather will be exciting .. Looking forward to know what happened next 🙂

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  5. Reminds me of a holiday I had with a friend while in college. We travelled on our own from Mumbai to Amravati ( where we stayed with her parents) and then Delhi, Agra and back. Of course I would never let my girls do this now especially to the North and admire your parents to let both their girls travel solo. Be safe when you travel. The world has changed these days….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah we took all the necessary precautions and evn though we were on solo trip together still our parents were virtually with us. My mom gets tensed a lot so we were in touch with her like most of the time 😀 I am glad you liked it! Thanks for dropping by and leaving your imprints 🙂


  6. I must be decades older than you and my sister and I have been planning a trip for ages with just the two of us – no husbands, no children, no one else and haven’t managed to do that. We really really must. You are an inspiration.

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  7. I can totalyy relate with you here; my parents are the same. Most of our trips had been with them and it was only when I turned 25 that I could manage a trip with my sis which was just us two!! Looking forward to your trip tales and all the best with Alexa…..

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