Mother’s Love! #KheerWrites

Phone ringing…

“Amma…I already told you I am driving back home.” said pratyusha frustrated.

Angrily, Mrs. Subramanyam disconnected the call!

Later when Mrs. Subramanyam is out-of-town…

“Papa, isn’t it 2 days since amma called?” pratyusha wondered!

She kept calling amma but in vain!

“This is not so like amma, usually a day doesn’t go by without her calls. I hope she is alright!” worried Pratyusha…

“How worried amma would have been on all those days when I missed her calls” she thought.

She felt a jolt as her phone rang; ‘Amma Calling’!

“You dint call me since 2 days Amma!  I tried calling you many times, you did not answer” she questioned.

“We were not allowed to carry our phone into the temple beta… and …” Mrs. Subramanyam continued…

Pratyusha smiled feeling relieved and happy!

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50 thoughts on “Mother’s Love! #KheerWrites

  1. It happened with me once. I was traveling and i said ill call you back mom in 10 min and I forgot to call her hole day. At evening i was trying to cll her but she was not picking up..
    but at last my uncle was here then I talked to mom. The phone got damaged that’s why she was not picking up.

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  2. Sometimes all people need is a little empathy & perspective. 🙂

    Thanks for participating in Chatty Blogs. Always a pleasure to see your posts in the Linky. 🙂

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  3. Such a beautifully written piece, Keerthi. Mother’s love is the purest form of love and you’ve beautifully portayed it thru this post. Love the simplicity in conveying such a heart warming message.

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