Soar High! #KheerWrites

“Don’t succumb to the situation… Raise above them and soar high my dear” said a father…

“Don’t cry my little one… Instead, challenge and show them you are no less!” said a mother…

“Don’t break down… Rise from the ashes like a phoenix blazing its wings” said a friend…

“Don’t give up… Instead, keep calm and the storm shall pass” advised a mentor…

“Don’t put that pen down…Let the thoughts flow,” said a well-wisher…

Every one of us must have heard something similar which inspired us and gave us the strength to move forward…!

No height is that distant if one learns how to reach it. When a bird that doesn’t know how to fly, tries to fly at certain height it might crash to the ground, but if it tries hard and learns how to fly and reach the top… well obviously it can land safely when the situation demands.

One can always become a better reflection of oneself, when worked hard to cross the limits/barriers.

Learn from the mistakes and outgrow them!


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